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The company mainly produces magnesia brick, magnesia brick, magnesium calcium brick (magnesium dolomite brick), magnesium aluminum spinel brick and other products?
  • Ordinary magnesia brick
  • Advanced magnesia brick
  • Magnesia brick regenerator
  • Magnesia brick regenerator
  • Semi-combined magnesia-chrome brick
  • Directly combined with magnesia-chrome brick
  • Pu chrome brick
  • Spinel magnesia chrome brick
  • Copper Refractory Furnace Magnesia-Alumina Spinel magnesia-chrome brick
  • Magnesium calcium brick

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Business was established


Yingkou Oriental Chengyuan Refractories Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao, which has the title of "China Magnesium Capital." Founded in March 2011, Yingkou Dongfang Chengyuan Refractories Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and processing of stereotyped and unscaled magnesia refractories Magnesia refractory production enterprises. Company uphold the quality and credibility as the foundation, first-class product line, with a high-temperature tunnel, the company mainly produces magnesia brick......
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  • What is the difference between magnesium chrome brick and magnesium chrome brick directly?

    What is the difference between magnesium chrome br......


    Magnesia-chrome brick is divided into ordinary magnesia-chrome brick, direct combination of magnesia-chrome brick, half-combined magnesia-chrome brick, fused magnesia-chrome brick, fused semi-combined......

  • Then Chisel kiln introduced

    Then Chisel kiln introduced


    Sui chisel kiln is a continuous flame furnace, usually a long linear tunnel with fixed walls and vaults on both sides and at the top and kiln cars running on the bottom laying track, mainly used for r......

The factory
Quality Inspection
Senior staff and technical staff account for 5% of the company, the company has a sound quality testing methods......
Is a set stereotypes and amorphous magnesium refractory production, processing and sales of high-tech......
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